Save The Dates

This year is coming fast. When you get that new calendar mark these dates.

ORGANIZED EVENTS 2016 – All Riders Welcome
Saturday March 12th – Car Club Swap Meet, Clatsop County Fairgrounds
Date Change–Saturday April 30rd – Spring Fever Run
Saturday June 25th – Around Saddle Mountain Run
Saturday November 19th – Spaghetti Dinner & Auction
Saturday December 3rd – Holiday Run

ORGANIZED EVENTS 2015 – All Riders Welcome
April 16th – Pig Out Run
May 7th – 101 Run

Sept 17th – Fall Run

Adopt A Road

Adopt_A_RoadAll…It’s official the signs are in place, one located just to the East of the intersection of Ensign and Hwy 101, look to your right on the way to Costco. The other is located at the intersection of 9th and old Hwy 101. We’ll work to setup our first cleanup in the near future…Many thanks to the County for these great signs and to Bruce Westerlund and Laura Sellers Earl who helped make this happen!!

News for June: North Coast chapter participates in Adopt-A-Road program

Stopping at Tolovana park, Riders draw the first of their five cards.

Stopping at Tolovana park, Riders draw the first of their five cards.

The 2013 riding season has started for the North Coast members with two great rides. The Spring Fever Run had 40 bikes and the chapter ride to Mt. St Helens had 10 bikes. Mother Nature cooperated by not supplying any rain. About chapter rides, chapter rides do not need to be initiated by the Run Coordinator or any other officer. If any member has a destination and time in mind for a ride post it on our FB page or use any other electronic media available, e-mail, etc. Or you can make arrangements the old-fashioned way, by telephone.

June 22 is the date of our next event, the 18th Annual Around Saddle Mountain Run. There is going to be a Special Run Committee meeting at the Moose on Tuesday June 11th at 5:30pm. We need people to sign-up riders, sell tickets, road guards. WE NEED RAFFLE ITEMS! As of now we have only a few raffle items and we need more. If you have items to donate or would like to be part of the team please come to this meeting or contact Don Kelly and he will make arrangements to pick them up. As a added note the Moose has informed us that a breakfast will be available on the morning of the ride.

Our Adopt-A-Road has been approved and our road signs will be going up soon.

North_Coast_LogoLogo to appear on our products: It is a filled-in version of our old logo and it will look great on dark blue or black garments.

Bob Hutson has informed us that the Ride for Recovery is planned for July 20th. Bikes meet at Industrial Customs at 9 a.m. and depart to Depot Bay at 10 a.m.

We have been invited to be in the Warrenton 4th of July parade. There will be a Bike Show and a BBQ. We plan on setting up a North Coast ABATE booth. More details at the June chapter meeting and in the July newsletter.

North Coast ABATE friend Kevin Cook has passed away. Kevin has donated the use of his quad in our ice sales effort at RUN 21 over the years. Our thoughts and prayers are with Kevin’s family.
On the Spring Fever Run. Bill Blackler won high hand and donated his win back to the chapter. Thanks Bill!

If Don Hanson was at our last chapter meeting he would have won the $60 drawing.
There was a chapter ride planned to Pacific City this Memorial Day weekend but it has been rescheduled for June 1st.